Commercial Decor - Quoted Project Support

Commercial Quote SupportCommercial and municipal customers often undertake a process of soliciting bids for any number of different products or services. We at eDecorSource are prepared to help you in completing your RFQ or RFB process and welcome the opportunity to work with your organization. Please e-mail us directly related to your RFQ at with your requirements.

We want to help you hit the ground running, if at all possible, please be sure to include information in your e-mail.

  • Rules, terms and conditions associated with the completion of your project.
  • Deadlines and time-lines for completion of the project, please include important milestones in your decor project as well.
  • Scope of work and specifications, including the location of the project, quantities and sizes of products required.

To help you in assembling the the products/sizes required for your organization please feel free to Create an Account on our system and then assemble your list of products required on our site.

Once you have completed the process and assembled your products, copy and paste that list into the e-mail with the other information required for a quote.  We will work with you quickly to get you the best decor package possible and satisfy your indoor and outdoor decor needs.

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