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Large Character Display - Lower case Letters, Red Garland and red LED rope light


Create your own custom message!

Use for skylines, building mounts, and ground mounts!

Create your own custom message that can be hung above city streets, mounted in the lawn, or upon a building. These commercial grade, high quality red garland and rope light LED letters are highly versatile and take only minutes to install.

Each letter is lit with commercial grade red LED rope light and filled with commercial grade fine-cut fade resistant garland to provide attractive day time and night time views

Height varies depending on the letter, but they have a maximum height of 4 feet

We offer the entire English alphabet (excluding special characters) in upper case, lower case, and numbers 0-9

Skylines Each letter includes rings strategically places to provide perfect alignment and quick attachment to across-street cables using 1/4-inch U-bolts. Letters dropping below the line are perfectly aligned with uppercase and lowercase letters. Installation takes only minutes.

Building Mounts Each letter includes welded rings that allow for simple hanging mounts. Display scenes may be attached to walls at any angle, providing maximum flexibility for either landscape or portrait mounts.

Ground Mounts Special LED sign design for quick and easy yard mounting. by using varying lengths of ground stakes (included), each letter is aligned perfectly within your display scene. Each letter includes ground stakes and a guy wire kit for strong, stable ground mount applications

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Create your own custom message!